Troubleshooting PEAR on EasyPHP (WAMP)

I just spent several hours attempting to get PEAR installed into my EasyPHP distribution (EasyPHP is my current choice for a Windows Apache MySQL PHP development server). For whatever reason it was a complete mess to get working. In this post I'll list some of the problems I had as well as some workarounds (not necessarily solutions) that allowed me to get PEAR up and running.


Drupal, the PHP Memory Limit, and PHP Data Objects (PDO)

While uploading some pictures of my new laptop I ran into a problem with the Drupal Image module running out of memory when it tried to create the different image styles of my uploaded photos.

The message I was getting was similar to the following although at the time I neglected to record the whole thing.

PHP Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 34078720) (tried to allocate some amount of bytes) in some file on line some number

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