Kevin J Morse.ca - Most Popular Tags in Drupal using Views

I wanted to add a sidebar block showing the most popular tags on the site but didn't want to use any extra contributed modules. It turns out it's actually quite easy to do using Views.

MySQL: Incorrect information in file: *.frm after server crash

One of the shared hosting providers I have sites on experienced a particularly nasty crash last weekend that they attributed to a RAID array failure. They must not have been using a very fault tolerant RAID level because they lost their OS drive and had to reinstall from scratch. After they reinstalled whatever Linux version they run all but one of the sites was working. My Drupal site was experiencing "Unexpected errors" and none of the pages were working.

Single Login Across i18n Subdomains in Drupal 7

A few of the Drupal sites I administer use the i18n module to server content in multiple languages on separate subdomains (example.com for English, cn.example.com for Simplified Chinese, and hk.example.com for Traditional Chinese).

One of the minor annoyances I'd been encountering while working with these sites was the need to login on each subdomain before being able to properly administer content. For example, when adding a translation I would get access denied messages until I logged into the subdomain of the language I wanted to add a translation for. Thankfully these problems are no more!

Kevin J Morse.ca - Front Page Slideshow

As you can see I've implemented a text slideshow on the front page of my site using the Views Slideshow module. It was pretty straightforward to do but there were a few elements that were a little tricky so I'm going to walk through the steps required.

Read more for a full walk through.

Drupal, the PHP Memory Limit, and PHP Data Objects (PDO)

While uploading some pictures of my new laptop I ran into a problem with the Drupal Image module running out of memory when it tried to create the different image styles of my uploaded photos.

The message I was getting was similar to the following although at the time I neglected to record the whole thing.

PHP Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 34078720) (tried to allocate some amount of bytes) in some file on line some number

Kevin J Morse.ca - To Do

So I finally have some more time to work on this site. Some of the things I plan on addressing in the next month or so are:

  • Site Theme - Do I want to create a sub-theme of Bartik or do I want to start with something like Zen
  • CSS3 - Regardless of the above decision, I'm going to get some CSS3 on here. I'm thinking of experimenting with font-face and then using transitions on the buttons and menu.

Read on for more...

Drupal is awesome!

Figured I'd start with the basics on this site and bring the structure up to par with my old static site while getting familiar with Drupal.

I'm extremely impressed with the plugin architecture of Drupal so far. Being able to load modules from drupal.org by simply providing the URL to the module's tar.gz is brilliant.

Editing HTML takes too much time...

This semester I had planned on updating this site (well the old version of the site) with a bunch of information about some projects I'm working on.

Seeing as it's now exam time and I haven't had time to add anything to the old site, I figured I needed to make updates easier on myself.

Enter, Drupal!

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