Kevin J - To Do

So I finally have some more time to work on this site. Some of the things I plan on addressing in the next month or so are:

  • Site Theme - Do I want to create a sub-theme of Bartik or do I want to start with something like Zen
  • CSS3 - Regardless of the above decision, I'm going to get some CSS3 on here. I'm thinking of experimenting with font-face and then using transitions on the buttons and menu.
  • Slideshow - I want to have a scrolling slideshow with some text along the top of the page.
  • Content!!! - I have some more pictures from a rear brake install on my GTI. I also have all the parts needed to wire up the fog lights on my headlights so I need to take pictures of that.
  • More stuff about me! - Enough said.


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