About Me

I'm a Physics student at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, BC.

I'm interested in anything technology related but lately spend a lot of my time doing web development (increasingly with Drupal), Windows and Linux server administration, and small business networking.


Some of the projects I've worked on include:

  • Restructuring a 30 employee customer service center that was struggling with server and Internet outages.
    • Main web pages were moved from a Windows web server to multiple Linux boxes with DNS load balancing
    • Windows servers were all reformatted and received memory and OS upgrades, everything is now redundant including the Domain Controller
    • Single router and aging Linux firebox was replaced with two dual WAN routers for full redundancy in the event an ISP or one of the routers went down
    • Separated IP telephony network from PC network - VOIP phones and PBX are fully isolated from the PC network for protection in the event of intrusion or hardware failure
  • Moving small businesses with a Windows XP or Windows 7 PCs acting as fileservers with no domain controllers over to Windows Small Business Server domains.
  • Replacing an outdated Joomla website with a custom themed Drupal site.
  • Deploying a single Drupal multi-site installation to replace eleven separate static HTML websites with three multi-language sites.

Other Interests

Aside from Physics and computers I also train with the SFU Cheerleading team (that's me on the bottom).

When I have free time I like to work on this website and my VW GTI. It's mildly tuned with H&R springs, Bilstein struts and shocks, a Zimmerman big brake kit, and the Hella Celis headlights written about on this site.

Stunting at the park in Whistler

Super Fun Time