Migrating from Yahoo! Mail to Gmail

Lately I've been getting increasingly frustrated with Yahoo! It began when I started noticing random news snippets were inserted into half of my emails when I viewed them on my phone. Just recently I've noticed the search feature has been struggling to find messages when searching by Subject even though I could manually find them if I sorted by Subject.

Configuring Windows 7 Libraries using Group Policy Preferences

One of the most useful features in Windows 7 is Libraries. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most painful to administer in a domain. In an ideal world you'd be able to use Group Policy to add or remove whatever library locations you desired. However Microsoft seems to have forgot about Libraries when they updated Group Policy for Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 as there is no Group Policy to control Libraries.

ThinkPad Mini Dock Plus Series 3 (170W)

Just got my new dock a few days ago and decided to post some pictures and write a quick review since when I was looking to purchase it I couldn't find much info online.

Mini Dock Plus Series 3 Front View

Troubleshooting PEAR on EasyPHP (WAMP)

I just spent several hours attempting to get PEAR installed into my EasyPHP distribution (EasyPHP is my current choice for a Windows Apache MySQL PHP development server). For whatever reason it was a complete mess to get working. In this post I'll list some of the problems I had as well as some workarounds (not necessarily solutions) that allowed me to get PEAR up and running.


Windows 7 Reinstall on a Lenovo W520

Just thought I'd post some quick notes on doing a Windows 7 reinstall on my Lenovo W520. I'll go over some useful tools and some frustrating problems I encountered and how to avoid them.

I'll also list some really useful tools that should make your reinstall much easier regardless of what type of computer you have.

Single Login Across i18n Subdomains in Drupal 7

A few of the Drupal sites I administer use the i18n module to server content in multiple languages on separate subdomains (example.com for English, cn.example.com for Simplified Chinese, and hk.example.com for Traditional Chinese).

One of the minor annoyances I'd been encountering while working with these sites was the need to login on each subdomain before being able to properly administer content. For example, when adding a translation I would get access denied messages until I logged into the subdomain of the language I wanted to add a translation for. Thankfully these problems are no more!


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