gzip: stdout: No space left on device when doing apt-get -f install

If you've experience any of the above message then like me you've probably scoured Google looking for a solution. Many of the proposed commands don't actually fix anything. Thankfully it only takes a few to get things up and running again.


Kevin J Morse.ca - Most Popular Tags in Drupal using Views

I wanted to add a sidebar block showing the most popular tags on the site but didn't want to use any extra contributed modules. It turns out it's actually quite easy to do using Views.

Setting up cron with GLPI on Ubuntu Server

Really quick post about setting up cron to work with GLPI because I spent way to long trying to figure out something that should be extremely trivial.

First off, GLPI defaults to using a pseudo-cron routine which means no cron jobs get run unless users are interacting with the GLPI site. If your GLPI site is heavily used this wouldn't be a problem but in my case most users were interacting with GLPI via its email system. This means that emailed tickets were getting held up until users logged onto the GLPI site.

Small Business PBX Part 2 - Elastix on Hyper-V

In Part 1 of my Small Business PBX setup I decided on using an open source Linux based PBX. The biggest player in this market is Asterisk but "out of the box" it isn't a turnkey solution. To fill this role there are several distributions which take Asterisk and package it along with various other features.

MySQL: Incorrect information in file: *.frm after server crash

One of the shared hosting providers I have sites on experienced a particularly nasty crash last weekend that they attributed to a RAID array failure. They must not have been using a very fault tolerant RAID level because they lost their OS drive and had to reinstall from scratch. After they reinstalled whatever Linux version they run all but one of the sites was working. My Drupal site was experiencing "Unexpected errors" and none of the pages were working.

Small Business PBX Part 1 - Coming up with a plan

I'm in the process of setting up my first PBX at a company I work for! This article will serve as a reference for me and hopefully others looking to setup something similar. Before getting into all the details on the installation I'm first going to walk through the current network and telephony configuration. I'll then detail how I made


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